Research Triangle

Session 4: June 1, 2011

Scene 1 – Walter sends Lak and the book to the former’s home, telling the grad student to summon the Royal Knights of David. Walter and Kane confront the hooded figure attacking the Parapsychologists. Walter drives the figure off using his power as Emissary, but not before the figure destroys the Parapsychology department and the wizards with it.

Scene 2 – Lak arrives at Walter’s house and tells Walter’s wife to call in the Knights.

Scene 3 – Walter and Kane arrive at Walter’s house and hold council with the Knights. Walter receives a call from Elliott regarding the box. The group decide to go through with a drop-off to the Venatori, staking out the location overnight. The drop-off seems to go without a hitch.

Scene 4 – Lak gets called into work, where he’s asked to expedite the delivery of the bodies of the Parapsychologists to GMBH.



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