Research Triangle

Session 5: July 13, 2011

Scene 1 – Walter and Kane rested during the day, then headed for the Steam Tunnels in the early evening. Lak and several members of the Royal Knights of David accompanied them.
Scene 2 – The group encountered no difficulties navigating the Steam Tunnels themselves.
Scene 3 – Walter negotiated with the Beer Troll: their beer for the box. The Troll honors their bargain, and nothing untoward occurs.
Scene 4 – Returning to Kane’s place, they find the door open. Kane investigates, only to find Warden Domingo Santiago sitting in his living room. Santiago was also a former apprentice to Jesse Rinne, Kane’s mentor, and he has a poor opinion of Kane. Walter receives a call from Elliott, impatient for the box. They agree to meet at Durham Stadium the next night (Monday). Santiago identifies the lettering on the box as Enochian, and advises them to study it without opening it and certainly not to turn it over to Elliott.

When Walter commanded the attacker at Duke to leave, the attacker did not open a portal to the Nevernever; he simply disappeared into the night.



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