Research Triangle

Session 6: August 24, 2011

Scene 1 – Lak leaves to go home, while Kane, Walter, and Santiago discuss and research the box. The Enochian translates as “Xaphan,” which is the name of one of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. Kane speculates that the box contains the coin of Xaphan. Before they can decide on a course of action, two of Noc’s Black Court minions attack Kane’s house. Kane, Walter, and Santiago manage to drive them off.
Scene 2 – Lak arrives home to find his front door knocked open and his family under threat from the person who attacked the Parapsychologists. Lak and he fight, but the attacker knocks Lak unconscious.
Scene 3 – Kane creates a spell to track the Spirit of Durham, using Walter’s blood. The two take the box and ride off on Kane’s motorcycle, to follow the tracking spell. Santiago remains at Kane’s house, to research the box.
Scene 4 – Walter and Kane track the Spirit of Durham back to the ruins of the Parapsychology department.
Scene 5 – Lak awakens captured and is tortured by the Parapsychologists’ attacker, who wants the book. Lak resists, and his captor beats him unconscious again.
Scene 6 – Lak’s father contacts Walter about Lak’s kidnapping. Walter promises to help, then receives a vision of the Spirit of Durham under attack in the Nevernever, presumably by Xaphan.



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