Research Triangle

Session 7: September 7, 2011

Scene 1 – Lak reawakens, still captive. Lak resists further torture, but his attacker engages him in a soulgaze, attempting to coerce the information from him. Lak gets an ugly picture of Samael, the Left Hand, but cracks under the strain. At Samael’s behest, Lak calls his Venatori contact and arranges an exchange for the book. Samael leaves Lak in the room, sealing the exit with earth magic.
Scene 2 – Walter and Kane discuss what to do about the attack on the Spirit of Durham with Santiago. Santiago instructs Kane to search the rubble of the Parapsychology Department for mystical signatures, and Kane discovers the remnants of a massive ward around the area, probably destroyed during Samael’s assault. This has most likely made the Spirit of Durham’s location in the Nevernever vulnerable. Santiago agrees to join them there.
Scene 3 – Lak escapes his bonds and finds the telephone in the room. He calls Walter and gives him an address on the bottom of the phone. Walter sets out to find him.
Scene 4 – Walter arrives at the Tobacco District in Durham, scopes out the building, then fends off threats from gang members. Some Royal Knights arrive and bust Lak out of his concrete prison.
Scene 5 – Kane goes shopping at a local hardware store for cold iron implements.
Scene 6 – Walter, Kane, Lak, and Santiago meet at the ruins of the Parapsychology Department and prepare to journey into the Nevernever to confront the Spirit of Durham’s attacker.

Session 6: August 24, 2011

Scene 1 – Lak leaves to go home, while Kane, Walter, and Santiago discuss and research the box. The Enochian translates as “Xaphan,” which is the name of one of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. Kane speculates that the box contains the coin of Xaphan. Before they can decide on a course of action, two of Noc’s Black Court minions attack Kane’s house. Kane, Walter, and Santiago manage to drive them off.
Scene 2 – Lak arrives home to find his front door knocked open and his family under threat from the person who attacked the Parapsychologists. Lak and he fight, but the attacker knocks Lak unconscious.
Scene 3 – Kane creates a spell to track the Spirit of Durham, using Walter’s blood. The two take the box and ride off on Kane’s motorcycle, to follow the tracking spell. Santiago remains at Kane’s house, to research the box.
Scene 4 – Walter and Kane track the Spirit of Durham back to the ruins of the Parapsychology department.
Scene 5 – Lak awakens captured and is tortured by the Parapsychologists’ attacker, who wants the book. Lak resists, and his captor beats him unconscious again.
Scene 6 – Lak’s father contacts Walter about Lak’s kidnapping. Walter promises to help, then receives a vision of the Spirit of Durham under attack in the Nevernever, presumably by Xaphan.

Session 5: July 13, 2011

Scene 1 – Walter and Kane rested during the day, then headed for the Steam Tunnels in the early evening. Lak and several members of the Royal Knights of David accompanied them.
Scene 2 – The group encountered no difficulties navigating the Steam Tunnels themselves.
Scene 3 – Walter negotiated with the Beer Troll: their beer for the box. The Troll honors their bargain, and nothing untoward occurs.
Scene 4 – Returning to Kane’s place, they find the door open. Kane investigates, only to find Warden Domingo Santiago sitting in his living room. Santiago was also a former apprentice to Jesse Rinne, Kane’s mentor, and he has a poor opinion of Kane. Walter receives a call from Elliott, impatient for the box. They agree to meet at Durham Stadium the next night (Monday). Santiago identifies the lettering on the box as Enochian, and advises them to study it without opening it and certainly not to turn it over to Elliott.

When Walter commanded the attacker at Duke to leave, the attacker did not open a portal to the Nevernever; he simply disappeared into the night.

Session 4: June 1, 2011

Scene 1 – Walter sends Lak and the book to the former’s home, telling the grad student to summon the Royal Knights of David. Walter and Kane confront the hooded figure attacking the Parapsychologists. Walter drives the figure off using his power as Emissary, but not before the figure destroys the Parapsychology department and the wizards with it.

Scene 2 – Lak arrives at Walter’s house and tells Walter’s wife to call in the Knights.

Scene 3 – Walter and Kane arrive at Walter’s house and hold council with the Knights. Walter receives a call from Elliott regarding the box. The group decide to go through with a drop-off to the Venatori, staking out the location overnight. The drop-off seems to go without a hitch.

Scene 4 – Lak gets called into work, where he’s asked to expedite the delivery of the bodies of the Parapsychologists to GMBH.

Session 3: May 25, 2011

Scene 1 – Walter and Kane make their way through the Steam Tunnels. They negotiate with the Beer Troll for Elliott’s box.

Scene 2 – Lak is sent by the Venatori to recover a book from the Duke Parapsychologists. They give him a book right before they fall under attack.

Scene 3 – Walter and Kane make their way out of the Steam Tunnels, only to receive a distress call from the Spirit of Durham about the attack on the Parapsychologists.

Scene 4 – Walter and Kane arrive on the scene in time to run into Lak, leaving with the book.

Session 2: May 11, 2011

Scene 1 – Walter and Kane bargain with Kilroy, then enter the Steam Tunnels.

Scene 2 – Lak has an unusual interview and job offer.

Session 1: April 27, 2011

Scene 1 – Walter has a visitor and receives instructions from The City

Scene 2 – Lak gets a job offer from GMBH

Scene 3 – Kane gets invited to a dinner by the Duke parapsychologists

Scene 4 – Walter meets with Kane

Scene 5 – Lak researches his potential employer

Scene 6 – Kane dines with the parapsychologists


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