High Level

City Name: The Triangle
Campaign Title: Research Triangle

City-Wide Themes and Threats

  • Theme or Threat: Threat
  • The Idea: Unchecked Pursuits
  • The Aspect: Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
  • The Faces:
Name Concept
“Mr. Knock” Black Court vampire rukh
  • Theme or Threat: Theme
  • The Idea: Old vs. New
  • The Aspect: Old Order Under Siege
  • The Faces:
Name Concept
The Parapsychologists White Council wizard professors

Balance of Power

The Status Quo

What is the Supernatural Status Quo?
On the whole, quiet. The White Council supports protected enclaves in the older areas of local universities, the White Court discreetly feeds on students. The Red Court watches and waits. Outside of town, hedge wizards contend with the predations of Black Court vampires.

What is the Mundane Status Quo?
Living in the bubble. The tech industry is booming due to the massive growth of the internet, and real estate isn’t far behind. Everyone’s got different opinions on how to make things better, but no one really wants to rock the boat.

Movers and Shakers

The Supernatural/The Current Order The Who Wants to Maintain the Status Quo? Who Wants to Rock the Boat?
Who is “in the dark?” East Coast gangs ?
Who is “in the know?” White Council, Red Court, Black Court Technomancers, West Coast gangs

High Level

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